Window Graphics

Here at Fusion Graphix we can supply and fit a variety window graphics, everything from…

One Way Perforated Vinyl (Contravison)contravision-perforated-vinyl

Terrific for storefront windows! Features a 65/35 perforation vinyl pattern, meaning 65% of the film is retained and 35% is removed. The meshy pattern offers enough print surface area for enhanced image resolution and color reproduction while retaining the film’s one way visibility. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results.

Viewing from behind, the clear surface (e.g. window) will appear tinted but will not lose visibility. From the outside, the image appears solid with a subtle opacity. This is the product that is everywhere on retail storefronts in NYC! Fusion Graphix offers installation nation wide.

NOTE: If there is a larger amount of light behind the Perforated Vinyl than in front of it, the image will appear more transparent and diluted. We recommend placing lights directly on the media from the outside at night to retain image visibility.


  • Adhesive backing ideal for glass windows
  • Perforated vinyl offers see-through qualities
  • UV protected and weather resistant
  • Clear image resolution from the front, see-through from behind


Coloured Transparent & Tinted Window Films


With our coloured films you can tint all types of glazing; windows, partitions in offices, shower screens, glass tables etc. We have a wide range of vibrant colours which can spruce up any living space, whilst maintaining the transparency of the glass. With this coloured film you can use just one colour to compliment a colour scheme or use a combination of colours to create an eye catching window display.

There is also the option of layering our coloured films, with our decorative films to create a really inspirational effect to your glass. We can also cut any shape or even a logo out on this window film which looks impressive.

We also do tinted & mirrored window films if your trying to reduce sunlight glare, entering your space.


  • Instant effect to any room
  • Large range of colours available
  • UV protected and weather resistant
  • Can be cut to any shape or design imaginable


Frosted Etch Window Film

Cutout window etch

Ecth Panels

Etched Window Glass

Logo cut out Etch

If you are after a film that offers privacy, can obscure an unsightly view, or simply for a contemporary update to an interior, there is no better film than our frosted range. We offer a wide selection of quality frosted films, from plain white frosted, through to our new tinted frosted films.

Our frosted film can be used on any flat glass surface. We find it great for home or office, from street facing windows, bathroom and kitchen windows to glass door panels and glass cupboard doors. Translucent, this film completely hides the view, without darkening the room and allows a soft defuse of light to pass through. When an internal light is on it is possibly to make out defused shapes.

Where privacy is essential, such as bathroom windows and doors, we recommend the plain frosted film. But for where you want to be more creative, we also have a rage of decorative and graphic frosted films that offer a semi-privacy effect to your glass. Again when an internal light is on you can make out defused shapes, other than where the film is cut out.

Another benefit of the frosted film is an increase in the safety of the glass. Along with making the plain glass panels more obvious, it will also act like a laminate in the event of an accident.


  • Instant privacy to any room
  • Large range of colours & patterns available
  • Acts like a safety laminate
  • Can be cut to any shape or design imaginable

Printed Frosted Etch Window Film


We can literally print anything you want onto your Frosted Etch, a sea view to a forrest view, your imagination is the only thing holding you back here!

Printed Frosted Etch is easy to apply in minutes, the effect this film gives is an affordable way of creating beautiful windows in minutes. Dressing your glass with this film provides a warm light to flow through the colours, whilst helping to hide unattractive views and bringing colour to to bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.

Yet if you decide to change your decor in the future, or if you are in rented accommodation, our Printed Frosted Etch Window Film can be easily removed.


  • Can print anything you want!
  • UV protected and weather resistant
  • Acts like a safety laminate
  • Can be cut to any shape or design imaginable